Black Mold – The hidden plague of America!

Black Mold on a wall

Toxic black mold sickness and the symptoms caused by black mold have become a silent plague affecting millions.  Toxic black mold wreaks havoc on our brain and nervous system, infesting our sinuses and lungs, and releases mycotoxins into our blood stream that trigger immune responses leading to symptoms like allergies and asthma.

My name is Cofe Fiakpui and I am a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine who specializes in healing patients with severe neurological symptoms from by black mold. Over the years I have helped hundreds of patients with various symptoms of black mold sickness who, for the most part, were completely unaware of the effects of toxic black mold, and the symptoms that it produces. I often receive the question, “How can a few black spots in the shower affect me if I never even have any contact with it?” The truth is that mold produces airborne spores that can travel though the air and enter your nasal passages taking up residence in your sinuses and lungs. This usually occurs at night when you are sleeping so if there is a door open between your bathroom and bedroom then airborne mold spores from the shower can travel through the air into your bedroom and infect your respiratory tract which will eventually produce mold sickness symptoms. When this occurs over a period of months or years, symptoms from black mold infestation in the lungs and sinuses will begin to appear as a result of the toxic byproducts that the black mold produces known as mycotoxins.

The black mold mycotoxins create chaos in the body leading to a breakdown in communication among the various bodily systems such as the endocrine, digestive, neurological, respiratory, immune, and musculoskeletal leading to a wide variety of black mold symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, joint pain, runny nose, shortness of breath, phlegm production in the throat, cough, insomnia, depression, memory loss, inability to concentrate, anxiety, tingling/numbness, panic attacks, dermatitis, hair loss, distal tremor, migraines, hay fever, fatigue, brain fog, and the list goes on.

Once this has taken place, the most important task is eliminating the mold mycotoxins from the blood and tissues so that the body can return to balance. To accomplish this and eliminate all the symptoms of black mold sickness, the source of the mycotoxin production, the black mold, must be permanently removed both inside the host as well as in his or her home and work environment, which is where the mold sickness originally began.

Chinese herbs are an excellent tool for accomplishing this. The reason why is that Traditional Chinese Medicine is climate oriented and views dampness as one of the most difficult of pathogenic factors to address and therefore has for thousands of years been compiling a list of the most potent herbs to clear “dampness,” from the body. These “dampness clearing “ herbs have been found by modern research to fight almost every type of pathogenic fungi including airborne molds such as Aspergillus Niger, the most common toxic black mold and many types of candida as well. By attacking many varieties of black mold that cause symptoms and other fungi as well as simultaneously sweeping the bloodstream of mold mycotoxins, and shielding the nervous system from the mold mycotoxins as they are cleared out, Chinese herbs can accomplish these three vital tasks along with modulating your overactive immune system to reduce inflammation, allergies, and asthma which are common symptoms of mold exposure.

I have written a free report that I explain these simple 4 steps to becoming free of mold sickness. Chinese herbs can also boost cell-to-cell immunity, which can help clear out any lingering co-infections that are a result of the immunosuppression from the mold mycotoxins. So, they are a complete solution for all of the health effects of black mold exposure.